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The Tapr Story

Wrist wearing Tapr band held against a payment terminal, to demonstrate how easily and quickly a payment can be made.

Why Tapr?

Have you ever:

Filled gas at a petrol pump with your wallet in your bag; requiring you to reach across and fetch it to pay; with a queue of cars behind you?

Or bought a drink at a busy bar, forced to either open your bag in the crowd each time you settle your bill, or leave your card out of your control, sitting with the bartender to open a tab?

Or gone grocery shopping with a small child in one hand and several bags in the other, hassled and unwilling to open your bag to juggle yet another item, like your wallet or your phone?

So have we. So we decided to do something about it.

The Tapr story began over coffee between friends, catching up after our years spent overseas. We got to discussing the differences in our lives here and back there, and one common theme that emerged was just how inconvenient payments in India could still be. Everywhere we looked, payments were a multi-step process, with each step introducing inconveniences (needing a data connection or WiFi, managing change, carrying a separate wallet, PINs, OTPs etc.) into our already hectic and busy lives. Why on earth, we wondered, couldn’t payments just be invisible?

And more importantly – were we the only ones who thought this way?

As it transpires – we weren’t. We got to talking with our friends and acquaintances, then expanded our conversations to strangers, and slowly, a very real need emerged: for an easy, fast, seamless way to pay. Payment so quick you’d miss it if you blink. Payment so smooth it’s an extension of you. Payment so simple it’s done in one move.

Just Tapr and go. It’s that simple.

What is Tapr?

Quite simply, Tapr is like wearing a wallet on your wrist.

We took the payment card sitting in your wallet and shrank it down to the size of a SIM card, preserving only the essentials – the ability to make payments with just a simple flick of the wrist.

The Tapr mini-card slides smoothly inside one of our especially designed Tapr bands – a comfortable, cool, hypoallergenic accessory with a colour and pattern to match every facet of your personality. There’s no need to commit to a single style – switch up your Tapr whenever you like.

Simplicity is at the very core of the Tapr philosophy – from product design, to messaging, to the value proposition; Tapr is S.I.M.P.L.E.:

S: Secure

I: Inclusive

M: Minimalist

P: Partner, that is

L: Lifestyle Integrated

E: Effortless

Just Tapr and go. It’s that simple.

Wrist of person wearing the Tapr band while shopping for groceries.
candid picture of two people eating chaat while wearing Tapr bands.

Who is Tapr?

Tapr is You.

No, seriously. We made Tapr because we wanted a payment product that worked for You and not against You, because we are You.

Where is Tapr?

We’re coming soon – to an Amazon cart near you 😉

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picture of five Tapr bands of different colours on a table.