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Your likes. Your desires. Your needs. From the brand of jeans you love, to a meal at your favourite restaurant, to that retail therapy you’ve deservedly earned. The list goes on.

At Tapr, our aim is to give you a secure, integrated and most importantly, seamless payment process every time. So we used technology to build muscle memory, minus the passwords, OTPs, and the waiting.

Just Tapr and go – it’s that simple.

illustration showing wearable one step payment
lock showing payment is safe and secure
contactless symbol showing payment is contactless

The Tapr Product Suite – Coming Soon!

woman wearing 5 Tapr bands on her wrist, in multiple colours.
5 Tapr bands laying on a table.
woman wearing two Tapr bands on each wrist.
Hand wearing five Tapr bands in multiple colours, against a plain wall.

The Tapr Story

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Work With Us!

Write to us if you’d like to get a conversation going – whether your expertise lies in the product space, or you build amazing apps, or you’re a social media maven – we’d love to explore if we can work with you! Links to open roles are down below, but feel free to write to us whether we’re actively hiring for your role or not, you may just be The One we didn’t even know we were looking for 😉

Email us at [email protected] or click the button below:

About Us


Thrice-published author, hobbyist singer and cooking enthusiast; Vani is passionate about taking the pain out of payment; and using her consulting and product marketing experience along with her degrees in finance and strategy to spot and solve problems for her customers.


A fitness-enthusiast and an animal lover, Sana believes fintech is here to simplify lives. With a background in digital sales and copywriting, Sana enjoys balancing strategy and creativity to drive conversions and nurture her audience online.

Interested In Keeping In Touch?

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